Thursday, August 16, 2007

what to say..

abg x blk lagi.. lately mmg abg selalu blk lmbt... kol 11 mlm baru la nk smpi umah.. all bcoz of work.. kesian abg... tp kesian gk kt ayg kena dok umah sorg2.. septtnya ari ni abg blk awal.. ayg dh excited blk keja awal.. plan nk masak2 buat surprise utk abg.. sekali abg call ckp blk lmbt mlm ni.. company abg dh readykan dinner utk staff diorg yg blk lmbt.. so, abg mkn kt ofis jer.. tp abg ckp x mo mkn sbb kesian kt ayg.. abg nk blk mkn ngan ayg.. tp kesian la abg lapar nnt.. cemana nk buat keja.. tp ayg msk gk mlm ni.. ayg msk kueteow goreng.. wpun abg blk lmbt.. abg ckp abg nk mkn gk kueteow goreng ayg.. i leave it for u dear...

mlm ni ayg rajin la nk tulis blog.. sbb nye teringat psl semlm.. manusia.. biasa la.. kalo dh close sgt.. mula la nk memperlekehkan kwn sendiri.. but, x kisah la.. ikut suka la.. janji bahagia..

hari ni penat la.. meeting for user requirement kt JPK.. for the whole day.. enhancement application but look like create a new module for them.. i don't think can make it during short period.. i don't want to stay back kt ofis until midnight.. x nk dh mcm projek dulu.. penat la.. x mau tensen2 sgt la.. the most geram thing for today, they all block our internet connection.. can't connect to any website and instant messenger.. what the hell?? i can't live without internet.. how do i do work if no internet.. better stay at home.. have fun to do my work from home.. luckily, i can do that but now can't bcoz i have to meet user for requirement study..

abg dh sign out la.. ayg wait for u abg... luv & miss u..